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Cobra Corporate Services Limited supply dedicated passenger transportation services to Business Parks, Single Site Solutions and bespoke Park & Ride solutions, just some of the services we supply to our clients.  


Net Zero

Challenge Accepted

Challenge accepted! Thats what our clients are saying, focusing their time and resources on areas of their business and its impacts it has on the Enviroment!

Are you interested in a career in the passenger transportation industry that is making a difference? Contact us to learn how we can help you make that happen. 

Help with applying for your provisional PCV licence

Driver Medical

Theory tests for PCV and CPC


Years Experience

Sky took the challenge!

Sky's strategy to become Carbon Net Zero by 2030 is well underway! Cobra have been integral throughout the program for the transition to using electric buses. This process to change buses operated by Cobra started originally when using Diesel Euro 6 generation buses whilst trialing and researching all Electric Vehicles to then moving the Euro 6 generation buses into fuelling the buses on HVO "hydrogenated vegetable oil" reducing the carbon emissions by over 90% and then onto the next transition to operating an all electric fleet, an incredible leap into the new and exciting world of carbon zero all electrically propelled buses. You can follow this story here..

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Proven Delivery Excellence in passenger Transportation

From start to finish project delivery. 

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Civill Engineering Project Support  

Electric Vehicle Choice 

Vehicle Marketing Wrap Project Support

App project support  and delivery for your passenger transportation.


locate your buses and realtime service updates


Protect your team. Pass checks on boarding

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it's more than you might think

There is more to Cobra’s services than you might think. So many aspects of our passenger transportation services delivery go unnoticed. And that’s what make us great at what we do! So many moving parts are required when operating a passenger transportation services to the standards delivered to its clients by Cobra. Operating Licensing, Correct Insurances, Legal Management Parameters, On Site Audits, Qualified Transportation  Managers, Preventative Maintenance Inspections, Passenger support and monitoring, driver support training, technical refresher courses, CPC courses, data analyses are some of the obvious. Get in touch to learn more about what is looked after for your business, by Cobra..

Safety Guarantee

No better cure than prevention and Cobra are no exception to this rule. Stringent planning and maintenance agreements along side qualified management teams ensure delivery processes are carried out that deliver the highest standards of Health & Safety along with stringent maintenance programs. This along with independent audits carried out ongoing have given Cobra the green light status with every licensed area we operate across the United Kingdom.

Apps for you

Cobra have worked with the best companies when it comes to technology integration. Chargers, Onboard Telematics, Vehicle Tracking, CCTV. And now we are helping deliver incredible Apps with realtime data and service updates for our clients. Working with our chosen supplier and managing the brief to achieve our clients goals...

Long Term

Cobra business relationships are about the long journey, working together, that is why Cobra can proudly demonstrate that the services we have in operation with our clients have stood the test of time through the pandemic and tenders and more... Get in contact to arrange the opportunity to see our impressive operations in motion and why we are the right business to have onboard for your passenger transportation requirements.

Passenger Transportation App

Cobra can work with you to create your very own passenger transportation app. Branded to your business, business park, travel strategy. Using the technology in the buses and with your dedicated management team, you can have live bus tracking, timetables on screen, live service updates all in one handy app. 


General question

Do you have a question for us? Please get in touch.. .

How long do we need to commit?

Cobra will ensure you have the ability to trial a solution if you are not sure if your requirements need to be upscaled. New sites have a need for review and we can monitor the service delivery to make sure passenger numbers and resource are correct.

Do I need to buy the vehicles outright?

With Cobra's dedicated services you do not need to buy the vehicles. You can outsource the full service resources to Cobra.  

What about Charging Infrastructure? Cobra work with a number of suppliers and charger manufactures depending on the vehicle type that is chosen and the charge type required AC or DC or both. Cobra will set out a clear plan to ensure the correct infrastructure is used so that your service starts as it needs to continue.

Charger Installation Requirements are something that will vary from site to site. Cobra work with Civil Engineering teams to ensure that your installations meet the requirements of your chosen products. In the first instance a site survey will be required to determine a base plan of action and then associated works and costs following the assumptions and dependencies of the visit. Cobra are there at every step of the process. 

HVO "Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil" is a fuel substitute for diesel that that reduces carbon emissions of the vehicles by 90% that can be used in some vehicles with the correct engine type. Over the last three years Cobra has successfully trialled and made the transition to HVO whenever possible reducing its customers carbon footprint. Want to know more? Get in touch to learn how we can help your business operate on HVO na reduce your passenger transportation carbon footprint.  

Cobra. More than the sum of its Parts!

More than the sum of its parts. Working as a team has been the strategy that has helped to grow our business. Working with our suppliers and our colleagues and our clients to give maximum effective service delivery and maximum positive impact in everything we do.

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